109 years of perfection

June 14th, 2012

Photo Courtesy of Krigler


Krigler is an American brand with European connections.  The fragrance house opened their doors in 1904 in St. Petersburg, Russia under the creation of Albert Krigler.  The company moved to Berlin, Germany because of riots in Russia.  Later, Albert added roots in France and eventually New York City were there is still a store location (in the Plaza Hotel) 109 years later.


Photo Courtesy of Krigler


Celebrities have never been a stranger to Krigler's scents.  The perfume #14 was worn by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  Perfume #14 was also worn by Marlene Dietrich who gave it a more unisex feel.  Audrey Hepburn loved  English Promenade.  The name of the fragrance was inspired by the main street in Nice which is called Les Promenades des Anglais.  A favorite of  the legendary Grace Kelly was Chateau Krigler #12, and Coco Chanel adored Pleasure Gardenia.


The Krigler client is well versed in perfume.  They are often compared to wine connoisseurs in their desire to study and learn more about the complexities of perfume.  Krigler also makes custom perfumes with a price tag ranging from $10,000 to $20,000 per bottle.  Every detail is done from scratch.  To learn more about Krigler please visit their website www.krigler.com