Call Me Mellow Yellow

April 3rd, 2012


This is the summer of color!  Yellow is one of those colors that no matter what mood you're in you can't help but feel happy when you slip into the sunny shade.  Spring/Summer 2012 you will find yellow popping up in everything from shoes, belts, dresses, glasses and handbags.  It is also very trendy to pair several strong colors in one outfit as seen in the below JCrew and Luca Luca photos.


 JCrew     Luca Luca


 Oscar de la Renta  Marc Jacobs




Oxford shoes present a tailored style of classic menswear.  This time around they seem to have a modern twist with fun color combinations for both men and women.










Designers: MaxMara S/S ’12, Carlos Miele S/S ’12, Rachel Roy S/S ’12


Turquoise is always a favorite of Style by Design.  As far as colors go, there are few as flattering as turquoise.  Any woman can wear it well!




Photo Courtesy of BlueDrake


Thanks to our dear friend Jennifer, we found this lovely company just in time for spring break.  Style by Design is crazy about the pareo prints created by Renee Drake of Bluedrake.   Renee's twenty plus year career in the arts has helped to make designing prints on fabric a seamless transition.  "I became fixated on the beauty of printing on 100% cotton voile.  The gauzy semi-sheer nature of the fabric gave a softer look to the print", proclaims Renee.


The pāreu or pareo is the Cook Islands and Tahitian word for a wraparound skirt. Originally, it was used only to refer to women's skirts, as men wore a loincloth called a maro.  Nowadays the term is applied to any piece of cloth worn wrapped around the body by males or females.  It is related to the Malay sarong, Sāmoan lavalava, Tongan tupenu and other such garments of the Pacific Islands such as the islands of Hawaii, Marquesas, Aotearoa, and Fiji.


In addition to pareos, Bluedrake also has a wide range of boardshorts, tunic prints and silk chiffon wraps. To see the entire range of color options please visit Renee's website at




Runway Rockstar

March 21st, 2012


Photo Courtesy of Style by Design


Mikey Koffman is the queen of fashion shows in Los Angeles.  Style by Design had the pleasure of interviewing Mikey Koffman for our television pilot.  You may expect someone with this type of power in LA to be difficult, arrogant and entitled.  Not true! Mikey could not be farther from the stereotype if she tried.  This incredibly successful woman (that’s right Mikey is female) is humble, down to earth, friendly and adored by everyone she meets.  Life hasn’t always been easy street for this creator of all things beautiful.


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Mikey spent her childhood low income housing projects.  She freely admits that she was poor often waiting in line for county cheese and food stamps.  “Life was really tough”, proclaimed Mikey.  She had every excuse to fall through the cracks of society ending up either in jail or as a statistic.


After high school, Mikey went to work as an apprentice for Jesse James at West Choppers in Long Beach, CA.  Not one to sit around and wait for someone else to make things happen, Mikey eventually left and started her own bike shop Sin Cycles.  A clothing line for bikers followed soon after with international distribution in its first year.


Everything changed on 9/11, when Mikey lost her life’s saving she invested in her prototypes that were packed in her luggage on Flight 93 which crashed in Pennsylvania.  Thankfully, Mikey wasn’t on the plane!  However, she spent the next 12 months locked in her house doing drugs while staring at her name on the doomed flight’s ticket.  Once again, Mikey could have fallen through the cracks.


After a year, Mikey eventually went to work for Da Nang Clothing and Stitch’s Jeans as their in house Director of Marketing and Public Relations.  This connection to clothing led to Mikey producing fashion shows in Paris and New York.  She helped to establish fashion week in Los Angeles with Mercedes Benz at Smashbox Studios.


In 2005 Mikey launched The Gallery Los Angeles, which is a full service event production and marketing company.  She moved the fashion shows to the Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood to be at the center of the action and hasn’t looked back.  On any given day, Mikey and her angels as she fondly refers to her team can be found producing ad campaigns, photo shoots, countless runway shows and the Magic International tradeshow in Las Vegas.  The Gallery Los Angeles is a top notch group of people that any designer, buyer, model or photographer would blessed to have in their corner.  To learn more please visit


Stay tuned for updates on our live interview with Mikey Koffman.




The Ashlee Brooks Collection is a Dallas based women’s wear brand founded in 2009 and designed by Ashlee Brooks.  This collection conveys individuality, confidence and style that are truly one of a kind.  The mission of this brand is to create innovative, high quality, effortless fashion that encompasses all facets of a woman's life.


Born and raised in Dallas, Texas , Ashlee stayed true to her Texas roots and attended Baylor University where she studied Fashion Design and Business.  Ashlee was a finalist on the national fashion-based reality show Fashion Star, and winning runner-up in the Texas Next Top Designer Competition.


Photos Courtesy of Style by Design








Dina Bar-El was born in Germany and came to the United States at the age of 18.  For over three decades, Dina has catered to women with a discerning taste for quality and an eye for fashion.  Dina has worked in leather, knits, and sportswear.  This multi-faceted designer understands how to design clothing that flatters and accentuates a woman's curves.


Dina's dresses are crafted beautifully!  She pays close attention to detail and fit which is why her dresses received a standing ovation at her show during LA Fashion Weekend.


Photos Courtesy of Style by Design



Designer Dina Bar-El






Men’s Spring/Summer Teaser

March 17th, 2012


Dries Van Noten S/S 2012


Paul Smith S/S 2012Alexander McQueen




Alexander McQueen


Soft textures, cool and well put together for spring/summer 2012.  Style doesn't have to be uncomfortable.

Jazz Age 2012

March 15th, 2012


Jazz-age inspired flapper dresses were all the rage during New York Fashion Week—from the runways of Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren and Tory Burch.  There was no detailed left untouched, including era-inspired gold Art Deco accessories and footwear complete with dainty T-strap pumps.


Photo Courtesy of Etro


The 1920’s flapper style has become a fashion icon, and Hollywood movies played a big part in spreading the look including this year’s hit movie The Artist.  The young flapper woman was herself a novelty.  As a reaction to the end of World War I in 1918 and the massive loss of young men, women's styles became liberated, and favored the look of young men or boys.  The short haircuts started earlier by Irene Castle became even shorter with stars like Louise Brooks and Clara Bow.  The fashions of Paul Poiret and Coco Chanel that had eliminated corsets had now changed to straight-sided, flat-chested, short-skirted and sleeveless dresses.  This provocative look was matched by a lifestyle that favored fast cars, jazz clubs, wild dancing, and smoking and drinking.


Photo Courtesy of The Artist



25 Most Powerful Stylist

March 15th, 2012


Photo Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter


The Hollywood Reporter just released (3/15/12) their issue of the 25 Most Powerful Stylist.  The top spot this year goes to Kate Young, who styles the likes of Michelle Williams, Natalie Portman, Rachel Weiss, and Katie Holmes.  Kate and Katie launched their own fashion line Holmes and Yang last year.  This is a great issue to learn more about the creative minds behind your favorite celebrities looks.


Stylist are not just for celebrities or the uber-rich.  Every major department store has someone on staff that is eager to help you pull together an ensemble for a special event or wardrobe makeover.