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March 13th, 2012




Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko's yacht known is known only as A (that's right, just "A").  This Philippe Starck designed mega yacht has definitely been turning a few heads as people are struck by the odd lines of the huge boat, which is more reminiscent of a warship than a luxury yacht.  Some call it the ugliest yacht in the world, while others feel this super cool stealth vessel is among the most innovative and attractive new designs on the water.  One thing for certain: All agree that the $300 million dollar mega yacht A is an attention grabber.


The 390 foot (119 meter) yacht previously known as Project Sigma was built at the Blohm & Voss shipyard in Germany.  “A” holds a crew of 42, who can all cruise along at nearly 24 knots on A's two huge diesel engines (9,000-kw MANs).  The yacht has enormous fuel tanks for extended cruising, and she needs them to power those big engines. It has been reported that the mega yacht A burns up to 700 gallons per hour while cruising, and that a fill-up can run nearly half a million US dollars.


There are six guest suites on the yacht, but movable leather-covered walls make it possible to create four larger suites, in case the guests need some more elbow room.  The master bedroom on A is located at the top of the conning-tower/superstructure, where from up on high, Andrey Melnichenko and his wife Alexandra Kokotovich's can watch the world go by from an enormous bed which rotates like a turntable, offering a panoramic view out all the windows.


To accommodate other pastimes, Mega yacht A has three swimming pools, a helipad, and three 30' speedboats.  In addition, it has all the latest entertainment systems, blinking lights, bells and whistles one would expect on a billionaire's mega yacht. Unlike most yachts, however, which usually sport several spacious decks for lounging in the sun and taking in the sea air, A's streamlined design is almost entirely enclosed.  The vessel has 23,600 square feet of living space, bomb-proofed glass, a fingerprint security system and is filled with floor-ceiling mirrors.  Not a bad way to travel the world!


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The Sky Is The Limit

March 13th, 2012



A private jet could be considered to be the ultimate in luxury lifestyle accessories. Apart from the luxury of not having to deal with the cattle market approach most airlines seem to use, a private jet allows you to pick and choose destinations, timeframe, and perhaps more importantly, travel in luxurious comfort.

Life Is Good

March 13th, 2012