Royal Luxury

May 8th, 2012


Royal Pedic mattresses are one of the most luxurious mattresses on the market.  They are made with the finest natural and hypoallergenic materials from around the world such as cotton from Belgium, untreated wool from France and long fiber non-treated cotton grown in America.  Natural materials are more effective in ventilating body heat. Royal Pedic does not use polyurethane since it has a very limited ability to support body weight over time.  Foam cells weaken and breakdown which over time causes indentations in the mattress resulting in poor back support.


Each Royal Pedic mattress is hand tufted which compresses it for incredible orthopedic back support.  Most other brands are not tufted and only secured around the edges of the mattress.


The Royal Pedic box springs provide 50% more coils in the center of the box spring for additional support were it is needed most.  Overall, the Royal Pedic box springs have 22% more coils than the industry standard.  More coils in the box springs result in the coils being closer together thus providing additional support for the mattress.


Royal Pedic mattresses cost between $3,000 and $12,000 compared to other brands which retail between $500 and $1,500.  There’s an elite group of people from Presidents of the US, celebrities, high-net-worth individuals, sports stars and royalty that have sleep on this luxurious mattress.  To learn more about Royal Pedic please visit their website