Runway Rockstar

March 21st, 2012

Photo Courtesy of Style by Design


Mikey Koffman is the queen of fashion shows in Los Angeles.  Style by Design had the pleasure of interviewing Mikey Koffman for our television pilot.  You may expect someone with this type of power in LA to be difficult, arrogant and entitled.  Not true! Mikey could not be farther from the stereotype if she tried.  This incredibly successful woman (that’s right Mikey is female) is humble, down to earth, friendly and adored by everyone she meets.  Life hasn’t always been easy street for this creator of all things beautiful.


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Mikey spent her childhood low income housing projects.  She freely admits that she was poor often waiting in line for county cheese and food stamps.  “Life was really tough”, proclaimed Mikey.  She had every excuse to fall through the cracks of society ending up either in jail or as a statistic.


After high school, Mikey went to work as an apprentice for Jesse James at West Choppers in Long Beach, CA.  Not one to sit around and wait for someone else to make things happen, Mikey eventually left and started her own bike shop Sin Cycles.  A clothing line for bikers followed soon after with international distribution in its first year.


Everything changed on 9/11, when Mikey lost her life’s saving she invested in her prototypes that were packed in her luggage on Flight 93 which crashed in Pennsylvania.  Thankfully, Mikey wasn’t on the plane!  However, she spent the next 12 months locked in her house doing drugs while staring at her name on the doomed flight’s ticket.  Once again, Mikey could have fallen through the cracks.


After a year, Mikey eventually went to work for Da Nang Clothing and Stitch’s Jeans as their in house Director of Marketing and Public Relations.  This connection to clothing led to Mikey producing fashion shows in Paris and New York.  She helped to establish fashion week in Los Angeles with Mercedes Benz at Smashbox Studios.


In 2005 Mikey launched The Gallery Los Angeles, which is a full service event production and marketing company.  She moved the fashion shows to the Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood to be at the center of the action and hasn’t looked back.  On any given day, Mikey and her angels as she fondly refers to her team can be found producing ad campaigns, photo shoots, countless runway shows and the Magic International tradeshow in Las Vegas.  The Gallery Los Angeles is a top notch group of people that any designer, buyer, model or photographer would blessed to have in their corner.  To learn more please visit


Stay tuned for updates on our live interview with Mikey Koffman.